Some targeted (potential) investments are

  1. Manufacture of non-traditional goods for export during deemed exports.
  2. Export oriented services.
    • Garment washing and finishing plants.
    • Embroidery services.
    • Ship repairs and ship breaking.
    • Textile dying and finishing plants.
    • Textile printing.
    • Testing of fabric.
    • Computer aided designs for garment and other industries.
    • Bunkering services.
    • Production of films.
    • Air cargo services.
    • International passenger services.
    • Repairing of containers.
    • Vacuum packing of garments.
  3. Manufacture of industrial tools and/or machinery for the local market.
  4. Small-scale infrastructure projects.
  5. Information technology (IT), IT enabled Services & Training institutes, BPO/KPO Industry.
  6. Regional operating head quarters.
  7. Research and Development.
  8. Agriculture and/or Agro-processing other than processing of Black tea.
  9. Export Trading Houses.
  10. Large-scale infrastructure.
    • Power generation.
    • Transmission and distribution.
    • Development of high ways, sea ports, airports, railways & water services.
    • Establishment of industrial estates.
    • Any other infrastructure.
  11. Large-scale (new/existing) projects.
  12. Setting up of textile manufacturing zones.