Sri Lanka is a paradise of unlimited sun, sea, sand and surf all year round. Sri Lanka is never out of season for a beach holiday. There is always some part of the beach that has friendly and warm waters. Known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is a land with fascinating golden, sandy Beaches that attract many tourists to the country.

The island is blessed with 103 rivers, rushing down rocky precipices forming a number of roaring Waterfalls of various shapes and heights, all ending up in the Indian Ocean. Only a few of Sri Lanka’s waterfalls can be viewed with ease, where as the others can only be seen by penetrating thick forests and tea plantations.

A rich and exotic variety of wildlife exists in Sri Lanka. The jungles of Sri Lanka abound in a variety of Wildlife, which is surprising for an island of its size in the tropics. The best known national park is the Ruhunu National Park at Yala. Inginiyagala and Uda Walawe are also large national parks. Sinharaja, a special rain forest gives another exiting experience for  tourists & visitors.

Sri Lanka is Birds and ornithologist’s paradise, of the 435 recorded species, 230 are resident, and no less that 23 are endemic to the island. Most of the endemic birds are restricted to the wet zone. Others can be found throughout the island, although confined to small areas of humid forests.

The Island’s enticing Adventure opportunities will enthrall and fulfill travelers who thirst for exciting experiences, and the country is a nation of sportsmen. Many Sports & other clubs offer temporary membership to visitors and some of the games include Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Golf, Canoeing, Rowing, Rafting, Diving and Windsurfing. In addition, facilities for Water Skiing, Sailing, Boating, Fishing, Yachting and Coastal Cruising are available in most beach resorts.

More Information: Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau