Sri Lanka and Poland established diplomatic relations in April, 1957. Sri Lanka’s first Ambassador to Poland concurrently accredited with resident in Moscow presented credentials in Warsaw in 1959.

Both countries celebrated 60 years of Diplomatic relation last year in 2017. Our relation over last six decades have remained firm, deep and consistent and have now extended into many areas of cooperation. Both countries have enjoyed excellent relation, which have extended into Political, economic, cultural aspects.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and Minister of Finance visited Sri Lanka in March 1995. A four Member delegation headed by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland paid an official visit to Sri Lanka in June 1995. President Aleksander Kwasniewski visited Sri Lanka from 13-14 March 1999. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Late Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamer visited to Warsaw in the year 2000. Prime Minister Marek Belka visited Sri Lanka in January 2005 to donate tsunami assistance. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland along with a business delegation visited Sri Lanka in October 2015. State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka along with a business delegation visited Poland for bilateral talks in February 2018.

Considering   the   trade   situation between Sri Lanka and Poland, currently, the vast quantity of exports is distributed with a balance of trade in favor of Sri Lanka. In 2017, exports (tea, spices, and garments, among other products) from Sri Lanka to Poland grew to $ 106 million while imports (such as paper, paper board, steel, machinery, and agricultural and electrical equipment) from Poland to Sri Lanka increased from $ 18 million to $ 30 million in 2017. The trade and economic relationship   between   Poland   and   Sri   Lanka will be further enhancing in the future. 

This Mission look   into economic   cooperation in the areas on the Infrastructure projects (Housing, Roads, Hospitals, Power, recycling waste, real estate etc.) The Tourist sector is another area for growth. Sri Lanka has the enormous potential to attract an increased number of tourists from Poland through the use of promotions which will help Polish tourists set Sri Lanka as their next vacation destination.

In terms of improving bilateral relations with Poland, The Embassy of Sri Lanka would also organize the exchange of official visits at all levels – those of ministers and heads of state and governments and senior officials. This would motivate action, bring focus, and build networks between   Poland and Sri Lanka.

The cordial relation both countries were able to maintain throughout the past 60 years of Diplomatic ties will be further strengthened our commitment to support to each other and promote cooperation in the fields of political , trade, economic , cultural and  tourism for mutual benefit.

In  consideration of the   Regional  and multilateral  linkages, this Mission believes  that the strong  Polish  -Sri  Lanka   bilateral  relationship   provides   a   sound   foundation on which to enhance collaboration in regional and international settings such as South Asia / SAARC, the European Union, and the UN.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Warsaw looks forward to working closely with the Government of the Republic of Poland and strengthen the close and friendly relations existing between our two countries and peoples.