The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Warsaw celebrated the 150th anniversary of Ceylon tea on July 6th with over 100 guests, including tea traders, travel writers, officials, academics and diplomats.

06.07.2017_Global Tea Party_Warsaw (23)The event was held in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Colombo Tea Traders’ Association under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


“The Global Ceylon Tea Party” commenced with lighting of the traditional oil lamp and a Sri Lankan cultural dance, a presentation on the Sri Lankan tea industry, followed by an address by Ambassador Tissa Wijeratne. In his speech, Ambassador Wijeratne underlined Sri Lanka as one of the topmost tea growers and exporters. In fact, the Sri Lankan tea industry has the highest marketing capacity and value-adding capacity amongst tea-producing countries of the world. Tea is now the unofficial national beverage in Poland. Sri Lanka has been a steady supplier of tea to the Polish market. Currently, Poland is Sri Lanka’s 4th largest tea buyer amongst the EU countries.


Guests who were present at the event learned about tea production and the preparation of a proper cup of Ceylon tea. They had the opportunity to taste various flavors of teas from different regions in Sri Lanka and were further delighted with tea punch, tea biscuits, sweets and traditional Sri Lankan food. The event was filled with aromas from tea samples on display while the music of popular Sri Lankan melodies played in the background.

06.07.2017_Global Tea Party_Warsaw (63)

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