Special Announcement for All Sri Lankans Currently Staying in Poland and Romania

Until the risk of COVID-19 is minimized, the Government of Sri Lanka requests Sri Lankans residing/staying in Poland and Romania, who wish to return to Sri Lanka safely to remain where they are. Requests to return to Sri Lanka, by Sri Lankans who are currently overseas, will be facilitated after containment of COVID-19 in the country.

In this context, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Poland requests that Sri Lankans in Poland and Romania, who wish to return to Sri Lanka, to register with the Embassy by submitting  information requested below to mission@srilankaembassy.com.pl This information would be used for the purpose of speedy travel in the event of a possible evacuation.

1.    Surname (as given in the passport):

2.    First Name (as given in the passport):

3.    Passport Number:

4.    Age:

5.    Gender:

6.    Address of Residence/Stay:

7.    Mobile Number:

8.    E-mail/Social media:

9.    Details of Family Members (Names /Passport Numbers, etc., if accompanied) :

10.  Category of Visa status:

(i.e. students, short-term visitor/migrant worker/ resident/Holder of permanent resident status and dual citizen etc.)

11.   Residential address in Sri Lanka with contact details (address, phone, email) :

12.   Next of Kin to be contacted in an emergency (address, phone, email) :

13.   Comments (if any) :

Please be informed that all those who will be arriving in Sri Lanka will be required to undergo

Compulsory precautionary measures immediately after arriving at the Airport including quarantine.

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Poland


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