Registration of All Sri Lankans Living in Poland/Romania

The Ministry of Foreign Relations in collaboration with the Information & Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka has launched a web portal which can be accessed at  for the benefit of overseas Sri Lankans. Therefore, all  Sri Lankans living in Poland/Romania are invited to register voluntarily on this web portal allowing the Government of Sri Lanka to reach out and provide assistance during emergencies such as COVID-19 outbreak.

Further, the Sri Lankan citizens living in Poland/Romania who wish to register separately their information with the Embassy are requested to submit the following details in order to provide necessary consular assistance in case of emergency.

  1. Surname (as given in the passport):
  2. First Name (as given in the passport):
  3. Passport Number:
  4. Address of Residence/Stay:
  5. Mobile Number:
  6. E-mail/Social media:
  7. Details of Family Members (Names /Passport Numbers):
  8. Category of status of each family member:

(i.e. students (Parent/guardian), short-term visitor/migrant worker/ resident/Holder of permanent resident status and dual citizen etc.)

  1. Health condition of each family member:
  2. Comments (if any):

The above details can be emailed to


Embassy of Sri Lanka

Warsaw, Poland


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