A foreign national willing to travel through Sri Lanka as transit passenger is eligible to obtain Transit visa.

Mode of issue

Nationals of countries listed in Schedule A are given endorsements at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. Others should obtain Transit visas from the Embassy.

Period of validity

Not exceeding 30 days

Issuance of Transit Visa by the Embassy

List of Required Documents

  1. Visa Application Form C Application should be made in advance of the date of travel.
  2. Valid Passport with a copy – unexpired validity of the Travel Document should cover no less than six (06) months period from the date of departure from Sri Lanka.
  3. Documentary proof of the route and mode of travel from though Sri Lanka
  4. Air ticket to confirm the period of stay in Sri Lanka and evidence of outward journey.
  5. Letter from the agent in Sri Lanka if sea transit (for example, passengers or seamen).
  6. Country of destination and visa particulars held for the country of destination if sea transit.
  7. Relevant Fees (Schedule B).