Japanese Prime minister says that he would work towards provide grants, not loans
A new agreement is signed between two countries on conducting Japan-Sri Lanka health services
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that he would work towards providing grants not loans anytime possible while giving assistance to the development progammes of Sri Lanka.
The official meeting between the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Maithripala Sirisena was held yesterday (14) during his state visit to Japan where the Japanese Prime Minister mentioned these facts.
Moreover the Japanese Prime Minister ensured President Sirisena that he would constantly provide assistance for the Sri Lankan infrastructure development.
There the development of ports will be prioritized and discussions were held regarding the assistance provided by the Japanese government for the development of the Colombo- Trincomalee port.
Japanese Prime Minister also stated that assistance will be provided for regenerating energy resources and would also contribute in developing the highway systems also.
Japanese Prime Minster stated that assistance of special technical programmes of Japan could be also provided to Sri Lanka.
A positive response was given to the request made by President Sirisena to provide technical equipment for the development of health sector in Sri Lanka.
Japanese Prime Minister agreed upon giving assistance to disaster management programmes as well waste disposal systems in Sri Lanka.
Japanese Prime Minister who mentioned the assistance given by Japan in security and Navy activities stated that only Sri Lanka was fortunate to gain this assistance from Japan out of the countries in the Indian Ocean.
President Sirisena thanked both Japanese Prime Minister as well as the government of Japan.
Detailed discussions were held between developing the economy as well as trade ties between two countries where the President showed the importance of the contribution of both public and private sector in making investments within Sri Lanka.
The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, expressing his views further, said that this visit of President Maithripala Sirisena would mark another new step in the close friendship between Sri Lanka and Japan existing since olden days. The President conveyed his gratitude to the Japanese Prime Minister for inviting him for a state visit to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. He further said that following this visit a firm foundation will be established for the ties between the two countries which was strengthened after the last G7 summit.
The President also recalled the success of the previous G7 summit and thanked the Japanese Prime Minister for its success.
President Sirisena recalled with honour the meeting held with Emperor Akihito and expressed his gratitude for the Emperor for the warm welcome given by him.
The Japanese Prime Minister cordially accepted the invitation extended by the President to him to visit Sri Lanka in the near future
After the bilateral discussions a new agreement was signed regarding uplifting the health sector.
President Sirisena, when arrived at the Prime minister’s office in Tokyo, was warmly welcomed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The Official welcome with a guard of honor was held displaying the bond between two countries.
The two leaders engaged in a friendly conversation after the welcome ceremony.
President Sirisena and the delegation was then escorted to the conference hall by the Prime Minister Abe where they posed for photographs, prior to the discussions.

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