On March 7, 2019 Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Poland Mr. CAHM Wijeratne accompanied by Dr. RMI Udaya Kumara, Minister Counsellor paid a visit to Prof. Maciej Chorowski, Director of the Polish National Centre for Research and Development.

The Polish Institute for Research and Development (PIBiR) is the Executive Agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The Institution was established with one purpose in mind, to transform the world by making new innovative technologies a commercial success story. To do this, the Institution aims to transform Poland into a powerful source of highly specialized commercial oriented knowledge and skills. It seek out world class scientific talents in Poland and the European Union and nurture them until their ideas become a viable commercial reality. They also recruit the best talents making Poland as first and best stop on the road to global success. They have close work relations with companies, mentors, and think tanks around the world – ensuring their next step will lead them to Poland.

The institution has completed 54 programmes in 2018. They spent 1.16 bn Euro) annually to support Research and Development activities. The institution has also established bilateral cooperation by entering into Agreements with Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, and EU Member Countries. The Universities, Enterprises, Consortia, Research Institutes, Foundations/ Associations are the beneficiaries of the Institution.

The Ambassador discussed with the Director the modalities of establishing collaboration with the interested institutions in Sri Lanka. The Director has agreed to share his experiences with Sri Lankan authorities.

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