Applicants submitting their Degree/Diploma/ Post Graduate certificate(s) for legalization should visit the Embassy in person with their documents to be certified.

If the Applicant is not in the Russian Federation he/she can make arrangements to send and collect documents via courier service. In this case, all the costs should be born by the applicant. Such applicants are advised to contact this Embassy before sending their documents for legalization to avoide inconveniences.

The Embassy will legalize Degree/Diploma/Post graduate certificate(s) for free.

List of Required Documents

  1. Letter of Request (Word) with contact details
  2. Registration ID issued by the Embassy (compulsory)
  3. Passport with copies of information and alterations pages
  4. Certified copy of Visa / Registration to prove your stay in the Poland/ Romania/ Bulgaria for the relevant period
  5. Original letter from the university to prove the authenticity of Degree/ Diploma/ Post Graduate certificates.
  6. Originals of Degree/ Diploma/ Post Graduate certificate/s to be certified with relevant supporting documents

Your degree/diploma/post graduate certificate(s) and supporting documents to be legalized should be certified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation or that of other CIS country as applicable before submitting them to the Embassy for legalization.

If applicant wishes to include translated versions (notarized) of the relevant documents for legalization, he/she should attach them to the original document before submitting to the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of appropriate country for authentication.

It is necessary for the university to issue an official note to the Embassy regarding all graduates by the Rector or Pro-Rector of the university holding university stamp enabling to verify the authenticity of documents and send it by fax and regular post. The letter should contain the following information:

  1. Name of student
  2. Passport number
  3. Degree/diploma/post graduate certificate number with dates of issuance

The Embassy will legalize documents only after verifying the authenticity of documents. Therefore, the original letter provided by the university to the Embassy should be available before students submitting their degree/diploma/post graduate certificate(s) for legalization.

Since this process takes time, applicants are advised to email scanned copies of their diplomas with English transcripts and passport copies 5 working days prior handing them over to the Embassy to avoid any inconvenience. Students are welcome to contact by phone the Consular Division of the Embassy for getting confirmation on documents receiving.

Students holding medical diplomas are advised to obtain letters from their universities for forwarding them to the Medical Council of Sri Lanka including details of their study period. In case of changing place of study it is essential to obtain a letter from the previous university also confirming the study period there.

Further it will be useful for the applicant to obtain a letter from the university early to have enough time for submitting it for Apostle since it takes up to one month to get the issued certificate back. However, obtaining Apostle is not a must for those planning to work in Sri Lanka. Besides it will be also useful to obtain a police clearance certificate for the whole period of your stay in Russia/CIS in case the applicant wishes to migrate to another country.